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A Longcarr or Limousine is a type of long cars or limo were developed for player uses by Naxeex games, it can be used by Players were now controllable in the game.

The limousine are now parked anywhere, can be obtained by player to drive another the city to point them both.


  • In Less Angeles 2 or Miami Crime Police are parked both the two limousine with the four standing the unknown mafia members must be killed them all four variants to obtain with the shotgun. WARNINGS: The mafia shoot down with Desert Eagle to player driving the limo will severly damaged or not. It can be obtained in the hotel, both the limousine parked on the streets including Yakuza activity.
  • In Rope Hero: Vice Town, the parked both their limo who leaning at the mafia members, use the rope to throw and take out the unstable defenders, in the mafia activity were parked on the roadhouse greens, parked nearest the Don Pedrone's mansion with encountered with 2 mafia members or one of Crime Lord, only parked on the Hot Dogs store.
  • In Rope Hero (new update version only), one of Limousine can be found the roadhouse or Perduck St. It is possible to obtain, you can also use the rope to move the limousine.

Notable owners

  • All players

See also

  • ZBird, (both the muscle car like a robots)
  • Universal, a small family car.
  • Cervo
  • Police car
  • Octopus, this is the Sedan with double cab or 4 doors were redesigned.
  • SteelSnake (Both the SteelSnake is based on DMC Delorean)
  • Taxi (Only can be driven without side-missions activated)


The longcarr is the based on the Firetruck in the game were designed in an appearances such as Wind Hero, replaced as Limousine or Firetruck.

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