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An unnamed female individual has been brutally murdered by player. She was the victim like the bar hater with gun toting females almost always shooting and taking down the pedestrians, a female victim 001-D uses the Glock or Fist.


Only appeared in the Alien War: The Last Day.

She has a blonde haired woman having her hairstyles like chignon bun and was wearing an Annie's uniform at the time of her death.

Role in Segment: Grievances scenario[]

During the grievances showdown, both the gun toting female victim's death were killed by player with the Minigun like the commando during the riot. A woman uses the fist to attack the player and who also she unused her handguns to take down the player until 2019 deaths.

Death during a Black Doubt (2019)[]

The chest trauma victims were killed with the sawed off shotgun in her chest by player now, Austin Taylor talking to the Clint is about to still thinking (A woman attacked by unidentified players).